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Hi! I'm Sara, a barber at Shear Savage.

I've been a barber for 6 years. My biggest passion is blending. There is nothing more therapeutic than a perfect fade. I currently only offer barber cuts, and am working on learning more haircuts in my down time.
I'm generally very sarcastic and realistic. If you can't take a joke, we're probably not a good fit. I like to enjoy life by laughing and my clients do too!

When I am not working, I am either at home with my family or at the race track with my family. I have an amazing, silly daughter who is so much like me. Spending time with her is always my first priority.

A few other fun facts: I love tattoos, dirt bikes, and puppies! ALL the puppies. 

Click here if you are looking for a barber cut and want to get on my books. I am only at Shear Savage* on Mondays.
*Booking an appointment with me at Shear Savage is a completely different experience than booking in with me at the barber shop I work at. At Shear Savage, we offer many amenities including a neck and shoulder massage with the aromatherapy oils of your choice. 

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