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photo of Jessie and her dog

Hi! I'm Jessie Shaw, a stylist at Shear Savage. 

I know how important is is to get away and recharge yourself with a pampering session. Many of my clients are young moms who do not get much time to themselves. I've designed my service experience to leave you feeling uplifted, relaxed, and more confident than ever!

I've been a licensed stylist since 2008 and have never been more thankful for my clients and my job. I am truly grateful to wake up and go to work each day. I went to cosmetology school right after high school, and my education has never stopped! I invest often in my education, taking classes from leading educators in my industry so that I can always bring you the latest trends. I have many color and extension certifications, and am constanly searching for new education classes to attend!


I am a family focused gal, spending my free time with my husband, and our two crazy Coonhounds (Winston and Donner) that we've rescued. I love starting each morning with puppy cuddles and coffee. Our entire immediate family is local and it means the world to me being able to have our whole family close by. 


I love to laugh behind the chair, while still maintaining a professional service. It is all about balance and we can't take life too seriously. I want all of my clients to feel comfortable being themselves in my chair-- no judgements.


Watching how hair falls and designing colors and cuts around head shape, face shape, hair texture and density is my forte. I love finishing my haircuts dry which allows me to sculpt the hair. I watch what your hair wants to do and style a look around what works best for your hair and your lifestyle-- creating your best possible hair, with a maintenance level that fits your life.  Don't fight your hair. Instead, learn how to work with it.​

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